Vinyl Asbestos Tile (VAT)

These pictures are of Vinyl Asbestos Tile before abatement.

VAT was very widely used before 1980 and came in a large variety of colors.

Generally 9inch by 9inch tile is asbestos, although closer to 1980 some 12inch by 12inch VAT was produced.

In these photos, the tile is in poor condition with some of it already gone.

Under the tile there is black mastic which is the glue for the tile. Often it is also asbestos containing.

To remove VAT the area it is in must be contained away from the rest of the building, through hanging plastic barriers, sealing off ducts and limiting entry ways to the area.

Removal is done under negative pressure to assure no contamination outside of the contained area.

Tile and Mastic are generally removed manually using hand tools and chemicals to minimize any opportunity to make asbestos airborne.